Boosch 3000 Alarm Kit


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Bosch 3000 kit including control panel, icon LCD code pad, 3 x PIR detectors, Internal screamer, External slimline siren, standby battery & power supply.
Simple to Use
Code pad options:
  • LCD ICON – small & inobtrusive. Simple icons make it easy to identify the status of the system at all times
  • LCD Alphanumeric – displays information in real text to quickly identify the cause of any alarm
  • Touchscreen – turns your alarm panel into a true lifestyle product. Simple to use. Includes additional features & pleasing aesthetics. Available in 7″ and 4″ options.
Remote Security Control Plus App (RSC+):
Allows full control of your alarm panel throughyour AndroidOS or IOS smartphone, including arm, disarm, trigger outputs to run external devices (eg. rolller doors, air conditioniong, smart lighting etc).
  • FREE cloud service with QR code IP addressing for fast and easy installation
  • FREE iOS & Android app for smartphone remote control
  • FREE push notifications
Wireless Options:
  • Solution 3000 – integrates with Bosch RADION wireless transmitters including motion sensors, door & window reed switches and remote keyfobs.
Making installations easy
Use a Direct Link Adaptor to:
  • create a direct connection to the panel via A-Link PLus software and a PC USB
  • provide a simple way to flash panel firmware to the latest version
  • Use as a programming key – the DLA holds up to 3 pre-programmed panel configurations
A solution where the important features include:
  • 8/16 Fully Programmable Zones
  • User codes: – Solution 2000: Up to 21 user codes – Solution 3000: Up to 32 user codes
  • 16 Wireless Devices (on Solution 3000)
  • Partitionable into 2 Separate Areas
  • STAY / AWAY Arming Options
  • Selectable Reports per User Code
  • Entry and Exit Warning
  • Automatic Arming
  • Remote Arming
  • Zone Lockout
  • 256 Event History Memory
  • LCD Icon, LCD Alphanumeric, and Touchscreen options
  • 4 Programmable Outputs
  • Dynamic Battery Test
  • Day Alarm
  • Walk Test Mode
  • Back to Base Reporting
  • Domestic Reporting
  • Dual Entry Timers
  • AC Fail Supervision
  • Phone Line Supervision
·         Flexibility
  • Supporting up to 8 fully programmable zones on the Solution 2000 and 16 fully programmable zones on the Solution 3000, this range of intrusion panels is suitable for any home, and even some commercial premises.
  • With support for up to four codepads on both panels and the ability to be split into two separate partitions on the Solution 3000, you have the flexibility of one security system that can act as two. Both the house and garage/ granny flat can be covered by the one system at one cost. Each partition can even report to a different monitoring centre if desired, making it ideal for shared premises.
  • Communication
  • While offering traditional telephone line reporting, the Solution 2000 & 3000 also have available a range of communications extension modules that integrate directly with the panel and provide options such as mobile communications via the GSM & GPRS networks, along with IP reporting through the Internet. The IP connection option makes the panel fully NBN ready. Enjoy the higher security of polled monitoring with no call costs.
Ideal for use in:
  • Residential properties, including those with granny flats
  • Duplexes
  • Small commercial properties, including home businesses


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